Beauty Spotlight: Savvy Minerals

As a former Sephora corporate trainer + content creator, I absolutely loved working in the professional beauty world.

For a little over 6 years I was lucky to work with the best of the best in color, skincare, fragrance, and even beauty tech.



As the years went on, and I learned more about the power of good ingredients….and the ickiness of the not-so-good ingredients. I became even more aware of what I was putting on my skin.

Although I was often lured by the wow of innovative packaging and those grandiose marketing claims, more and more I found myself turning the box over to read what ingredients were really IN the product. I frequently googled brands and products to learn if they, or any of the ingredients they used from specific manufactures, were tested on animals.

The deeper I got into it, and the more truth I was exposed to, I found out ignorance really is bliss.  I learned that some of my favorite brands used harmful ingredients AND sourced ingredients that were tested on animals. (These are the things Netflix documentaries are made of people.)

After a period of mourning, I broke up with those brands and focused my energy on slowly replacing my old beloveds with new clean + cruelty free products. 

I think of you all as my friends, so what kind of friend would I be if I kept beauty secrets from you? 😉 Without further adieu, some of my favorite clean + cruelty free brands include: Josie Maran, Axiology, W3LL People, Bite Beauty, Tata Harper, and most recently…..Savvy Minerals.



I first learned about Savvy Minerals (made by essential oil OG Young Living)  from my gal pal Amanda Dale. Not only is she well-informed in the world of clean living + clean beauty, she’s also the talented photographer who takes all of my blog photos!

She’s known about my love affair with clean beauty, and she asked if she could come over so we could play with makeup. Of course my answer was YES!

“Every Savvy Minerals product was carefully crafted so you can feel fabulous about yourself and what you’re putting on your skin. Our range of products is developed with an unwavering standard of purity and quality, giving you a full variety of naturally derived products made without cheap fillers or synthetics—and that’s a beautiful thing! Wherever life takes you, Savvy Minerals is here to empower you to be the woman you want to be.” – Savvy Minerals Brand Statement



I learned that even though Savvy Minerals is a newbie on the beauty scene, I shouldn’t mistake her industry newness for lack of quality and performance.  Pretty pigments, lush textures, and and staying power are just a few of the things I experienced with this line.


FOUNDATION – I am a full coverage, liquid foundation gal through and through…so when Amanda said this was a loose mineral/powder foundation I was super skeptical. I was prepared not to like it and prepared for my skin to feel super dry. I WAS WRONG!

After doing my regular skincare/primer routine, I misted my brush with the Misting Spray. I then applied the loose foundation with the damp brush, building the coverage as I went along. Much to my surprise the finish was matte, yes, but my skin felt moisturized and fresh. Very different than how my skin feels after using a popular loose powder foundation (cough, Bare Minerals, cough).



SETTING POWDER/HIGHLIGHTER –  It’s probably not a shock that highlighting is my favorite part of my beauty routine. This Diamond Veil acts as a combination of a setting powder and a highlighter, offering a glowy and luminous airbrushed finish.

I focused this product in my cheek area and applied over my blush and under my eyes to set my concealer. I love the texture, finish, and the unique lavender undertone (which helps sallow/dull skin look brighter!). If you only get one product to try…it should be this one!



LIP GLOSS  –  Back in the day I used to love a glossy wet lip look, but over the past few years I have traded in my glosses for more of a matte lip paint/lip stain vibe. This gloss made me remember why I LOVED wearing them!

A super moisturizing formula and high-shine look make this lip gloss a home run. I’m wearing the color Embrace, and I’ll be ordering the other colors soon!




If you’re interested in trying any of these products, there are several different ways. You can purchase the products individually from my friend Amanda, or if you’d like to try the full line (including blush, eyeshadow, and a lavender essential oil), you can purchase a starter kit. Click here to get started! 



I asked Amanda if there was anything she definitely wanted me to share with you, and she said:

“You can purchase any essential oils or Savvy Minerals products as a retail customer through me or sign up to be a member here. Members save 24% off of retail prices on all YL products. Maintain your membership simply by spending $50 per year in products. And by the way, when you purchase a Savvy Minerals kit, you’re automatically enrolled and you save some money!”

Questions about the products or want to order? Reach out to Amanda at

Comments about this beauty spotlight? Let me know below! 






  1. Lindsay
    March 17, 2018 / 1:27 am

    I’m so glad you found something you love!! The products seem amazing – I’ll need to try them out! ❤️❤️

  2. March 17, 2018 / 9:05 am

    Thank you for sharing amazing Cosmo brands like Savvy Minerals. People are becoming more conscious of what inside their products they are placing on top and inside their bodies. It’s great to see this and awesome to see so many healthy alternatives available other than mass and prestige Cosmo brands.

    • March 17, 2018 / 8:08 pm

      Yes! It’s my pleasure. Thank you so much for reading and for the support always 🙂

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