3 Ways To Embrace Boho Style At Home

I am thrilled to introduce you all to my first guest blogger on kristaraehayes.com: business woman, writer, home diva, and one of my dear friends…Natasha Hopkins! Natasha is the creative mastermind behind www.chichomelife.com where she shares home decorating tips and tricks, home decor resources, and yummy recipes. One of her passions is helping others fill their homes with joy…and she is dang good at it! She also just so happens to be one of those special people who truly pours into others with her kindness and compassion. An amazing gal all around.

When it comes to decorating styles, the boho vibe is my first love.  There is just something about it that’s unexpected, interesting, and other-worldly! Since Natasha truly is an expert at what she does, I went to her to learn more about how to carry this unique style throughout my entire home.  Keep reading for Natasha’s advice on 3 stylish ways to embrace the Bohemian Style at home!




Wouldn’t you agree that over the past few years bohemian styled décor has gained a popular presence in the world of interior design? As you glance across many social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram or even popular magazine publications like Better Homes and Gardens and you will find bohemian inspired looks everywhere. I don’t know what it is about this amazing design trend that I love so much. Maybe it is the mixture of the ethnic decorative accessories from around the world, the blend of color and patterns, or the tantalizing textures and organic plant life that lives with in a bohemian styled space.

Needless to say, I love it all! And when I love something I am usually ready to dive into the design process. However, I must consider…my second half, the hubby. Which means the battle of the sexes and the clashing of design styles begins, right? Do you have the same passion and challenge too?

Do you love color and I mean turn up the volume color like jeweled tones of navy, purple, fuchsia, green, orange and yellow!! But, your loving spouse is giving that look… like seriously turn down the volume a few notches?? Can we go neutral, gray, black, brown or beige?? Or can you just pick one color? Does that sound familiar? Yeah, me too!

As a result, we need to create a happy medium to combine both styles in order to create a space you both will agree on. So, today I am excited to share with you all some beautiful renderings from three talented designers: Becki Ownes, Heidi Caillier and Amber Interior designs. They all share ways to create a Bohemian inspired space by introducing peaks of colors, pattern, texture and organic life that both you and your loved one will enjoy together. Would you like to see? Well, let’s jump right in!




Let the walls take the back set and showcase color through your décor!! I adore how Heidi Caillier created this cohesive space by starting off a clean canvas with white walls. This allows you as the designer of your home a way to introduce a mixture of color and boho charm easily. In this room, Heidi introduced the following to her project:

  • Color: A navy blue sectional that has a vintage yet modern look to the space. Instantly you already get the feeling that the statement color for this room is navy.
  • Color & Pattern with Toss Pillows: Typical in Bohemian design you will find toss pillows with circular mosaics & floral designs of mandalas. Additionally, you can also find paisley, Aztec and African inspired printed toss pillows too! The options are endless. This space is a winner because you get color in small doses that are playful for you and not too much for him!
  • The Law of 3: When using a statement color in the room remember to use it in 3 different ways. In this case you see it used in the sectional couch, pillows and small touches in the rug.




Texture is everything in a Bohemian inspired space. You will find a mix of vintage and modern furnishings in this décor style. I adore how Heidi introduces us to texture in her project in 4 different ways. Yet at the end of the day, they all work cohesively together which gives her space a warm and cozy feeling. (If you are falling in love with this space click here to shop this look!!)

  • Neutral Rug with a Simple pattern: I love the simplicity of the rug she selected for this space. Even through it has a pattern it is simple enough to add a layer of texture but at the same time the rug takes a back seat to showcase the other décor pieces in this room.
  • Warmth with Moroccan Poufs: Now don’t you just love these handmade Moroccan leather poufs!! First of all, the brown leather looks so rich!! Secondly, the detail of the geometric white stitching on the pouf rocks my world. They are beautiful in design and functional for additional seating for guests that may visit your home.
  • Texture with an Accent Chair: I am in love with this vintage chair. The texture is amazing and the style is so chic!
  • Mudcloth Pillows: Sometimes a patterned pillow can create a since of texture to a room too and this African mudcloth pillow does it for me. Did you know the word “mud cloth” is derived from a Bambara language, Mali? The word “bogolanfini” which is comprised of 3 words. Bogo means “earth” aka “mud”. Lan means “with” fini means “cloth. As a result, you get the word mudcloth! How cool!




Amber, from Amber Interior Designs, created this goregous segment in this room by adding beautiful and robust color with plants. Adding organic life to your space creates a sense of tranquility and cheer to a room. For me personally, I need to work on my green thumb, but it you are that bona fide plant lady then here is your chance to shine! And, if you are not then faux is fabulous too!

  • Add Large Scaled Plants: I personally love seeing different sizes of plants in the space. For example, you see a large banana plant that sit inside a beautiful black and white woven basket. (You see that texture element again, huh?)
  • Smaller Scaled Plants: Then you have a smaller version of the woven basket that hold another house plant.
  • Plants Used in Different Elevations: As you pan over to the right side of this photo you find hanging plants inside of simple pattern ceramic pots!! Or, the plant that is nestled on top of the vintage dresser in a gold vase, love it!!

Let’s talk more about this photo… Don’t you just love the woven accent chair filled with that white furry throw and the geometric navy printed pillow. Let’s not forget to talk about the vintage dresser that displays more organic plant life in the form of wall art too!! Lastly, my eyes move to the floor and I instantly fall in love with how she introduces one more pop of color with this eye catching woven rug. Yet another space that has a perfect balance of color, line and design that you both will enjoy.

I hope that you all enjoyed this article. My goal is help share information and inspire you to create the home that you will enjoy for many years to come. The name of the game with designing a space for two personalities is to compromise. Agree on a statement color you both love, a style of furniture that is beautiful but functions well for your lifestyle and then you are ready to fly and create!

What was your favorite part of this article? Did you learn something new? If so. Krista and I would love to hear your feedback below!!




  1. July 21, 2017 / 11:12 pm

    Its was such a pleasure writing for you!! Thank you for sharing my love for decor with your audience and cheers to more fun collabs together!!

    • August 16, 2017 / 7:06 pm

      I LOVE the amazing ideas you shared! Thank you!!!

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